• The opening speech

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      The 'Karic Brothers' Award Laureates in 2009.
      The opening speech
      • Introductory speech Bora Dugic, laureate of the Karic Brothers Award 2005Браћа Карић" 2005.

      We are marking the twelfth anniversary of the award presented by the Karic Foundation to individuals and institutions for exceptional accomplishments in the sphere of social, public and business-related life of our country, but also to individuals from abroad to whom mankind is beholden.
      Man, a miraculous being so adored by his Creator that he is being praised for every slightest contribution to beauty, and following that example, is motivated to commend only the best ones.
      There is no living being on this planet that does not understand praise, and that does not feel more important after hearing it. One of the greatest accomplishments in the spiritual development of humankind is without doubt the wish to give, as well as receive awards. It is only from extreme heights that all people appear tiny, but we people live next to each other, and we are well aware that there are always those who are better than we are.
      However, Andr Malraux says the following: ‘Only a poet, or a saint, is capable of watering an asphalt pavement in hope that lilies would be the reward for his effort.’
      It is for this reason that the award exists as an institution that is an impetus to creativity,
      enthusiasm and benefaction. In such sense, there was a good amount of very significant awards before and after the war in Serbia and abroad.
      Karic Foundation is the first private foundation established to promote Serbian national culture, its exchange and association with the rest of the world, but also for humanitarian work, and support for the underprivileged. The foundation had, and will remain to have immeasurable value for our country in that respect.
      A particularly significant undertaking of the Karic Foundation is the presentation of the
      Karic Brothers Award in the domain of culture, science, journalism, commerce, and humanitarian work.
      Giving should always represent a greater joy than taking, for it is only giving that reflects
      who we truly are.
      In the past twelve years, nearly a hundred successful people have been awarded for their accomplishments. Many highly praised people from Serbia - academicians, artists, and all the way from doctors of science to farmers, are bearers of this great award that represents an inspiration, as well as a message that it is worth fighting for high merit.
      The laureates alone represent part of the criterion for this award; the achievements that
      many of them have produced in their field of work already represented an award that came prior to the award that was actually conferred upon them.
      That denotes that this award is free of politics, ideology or any other misuse, so we are
      therefore certain that it will continue to exist, and maintain its integrity.
      The high standards that this award is setting as the supreme in the region, deservingly carries the epithet - Serbian Nobel prize. It was a motivation for other public and private institutions to follow the same path.
      It was a good move, since the announcement of the laureates and the presentation of the award in such a ceremonial atmosphere represents a great experience.
      Holy Bishop Nikolai says:’ the state and culture should be at the service of people, and not vice versa. People create states and culture not as the only remaining purpose of life, but as a support for achieving spiritual and ethical objectives.’
      As one of the laureates of this great award, and as the introductory host this evening, I
      congratulate all the winners, and hope that this will represent an additional motivation for their hard work and accomplishments, which would bring joy to our nation, however small in number, as I wish to believe that it is great in spirit.
      I have a duty to say a few more words. In between the last two awards ceremonies, two
      laureates that have been of great value for their country have passed away: Aleksey II Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, and our academician and professor Dr Dejan Medakovic. They were both laureates in 1999. The current awards ceremony is dedicated to them.