• The Karic Brothers 2019 Award Winners

            For the 22nd time at the National Theater in Belgrade, the prestigious Karic Brothers Award was presented to famous people whose actions, innovations and personal efforts strongly influenced mankind. ...
        • The Karic Brothers 2018 Award Winners

          The Karic family marked 255 years of entrepreneurship and for the twenty-first time presented the Karic Brothers Award on November 22, 2018. Numerous guests, celebrities, representatives of confessions and diplomatic ...
        • The Karic Brothers 2017 Award Winners

          The Karic Brothers Award Ceremony honoured winners from Serbia and abroad for outstanding achievements in the 20th gala event at the crowded National Theater in Belgrade.
        • The Presentation of light

          The Karic Brothers Award has been established as a result of a firm belief in the inexhaustible capacity of intellect and value, primarily of our own people. Its purpose is to stimulate and motivate all those who ...